Work experiences


Software Engineer - Conversational AI (01/2020 - Now)

Empowered customers to harness the power of machine teaching by contributing to the 1st release of for documents and the Build 2020 update of for conversations. Highlights include:

LUIS for documents

Implemented reusable UI components to let users label and review documents, including the "command bar" and the "classification control". Contributed to the "improve model" page as well as the logic and UI used to display conflicts between predictions and labels.

LUIS for conversations

Implemented the e2e flows to let customers create new entities, the entity tree used for labelling and the new details page for ML entities. Implemented a shared control to "announce" result of actions to users with disabilities.

BOT Framework Composer Intellisense

Contributed to making Bots easier to build, by adding an Intellisense capability to Bot Framework Composer's fields: Implemented a reusable hook and input wrapper component communicating through LSP to an Intellisense server. - Documents

Command bar for labeling and reviewing documents - Documents

Displaying conflicts between predictions and labels - Documents

Improve model page - Conversations

Entity creation - Conversations

Entity tree - Conversations

ML entities details page

BOT Framework Composer

Intellisense capability


Program manager - Windows feedback (05/2016 - 12/2019)

Designed experiences to empower Windows customers to provide feedback to Microsoft and likewise empower our engineers to proactively reach customers for feedback. Highlights include:

Feedback form

Designed a context-customized feedback form in the Windows Feedback Hub inbox application for improved actionability of feedback based on the specific needs of our key partners, with a current volume of ~600k new feedback entries/month . Lead our first waves of user studies and experiments to improve Feedback Hub end users experience.


Managed our end-to-end contextual survey functionality, including Windows 10 NPS, constantly adding new features to satisfy partner requirements and experimenting with new designs to improve engagement from end users, with a current volume of ~2.3M survey responses/month.


Launched a unified reporting website, enriching feedback with signals from other teams


Defined, built and communicated our KPIs, bringing clarity and empowering the team to be data driven

Feedback as a service

Developed a cross platform prototype for collecting and analyzing feedback across all Microsoft products with the end goal of delivering the solution "as a service".

Feedback Hub

Feedback form

Feedback Hub

ML to pick category for the user

Feedback Hub

Attachments section

Feedback Hub

Step by step screen captures as a new attachment type

Feedback Hub

Empowered teams to customize the experience (here Edge)

Feedback Hub

Smart crash dialogue to improve correlations between feedback and crash data

Windows surveys

Introduced multi-questions surveys

Windows surveys

Experimented with different designs to boost response rate

Feedback Hub

Launched our first experiments

Windows Feedback & Support

Lead user studies to decide if Feedback Hub and Get Help apps should merge

Windows Feedback

Launched a unified reporting website (Mockup with made up data)

Windows Feedback

Defined and built KPIs (Mockup with made up data)

Feedback Hub

Severity input

Feedback Hub

"Intelligent client"

Feedback on the web

"Feedback page"

Feedback on the web

"New feedback page"



Safe Prescriptions (2019)

Hardware and software\cloud system that can track and safely dispense the correct amount of postoperative prescribed medication, while tracking real-time opioid use and unused medications. Youtube demo.

DeepPharmacy (2018)

Assisting pharmacy technicians and pharmacists through use of machine learning and video capture to alert users in real-time of medication dispensing errors in the pharmacy setting. Youtube demo.


Founder: ActionPacked (2019-now)

Modern equivalent of guidebooks: Outdoors trip planning | Trip reporting | Packing

Outdoors planning

ActionPacked offers a pre-curated list of adventures, ranging from backcountry skiing to bikepacking. Users can also create their maps with custom routes and waypoints.

Offline access

ActionPacked can be found on iOS and Android (beta). Maps can be downloaded offline for access in the backcountry.

Trip reporting

Users can upload their GPX tracks and share trip reports. Uploaded images can be seen directly on the map, even if taken from a device without GPS.


ActionPacked offers packing tools. Users can easily drag and drop their gear into custom lists. Charts help give insights into pack weight. Lists are cloud based and collaborative.

Explore page

Discovering pre-curated adventures

My adventures page

Bird eye view of user's adventures

Adventure page

Detailed information

Adventure page

Graphs to visualize some key stats

Adventure page

Geo-localized pictures

Adventure page

Editing layers on a map


Founder: FeelHarmony (2015)

Home health diagnostic device | Pool of doctors to analyse results online | Platform to cure with sounds

Just listen to feel better!

Based on neuro-research, we found that the use of certain sound vibrations can help the body leverage better its natural defenses, helping the brain send the correct "messages" to different organs and thus restore equilibrium.

Accessible from anywhere

First step is seeing a medical doctor associated with FeelHarmony to get a prescription. Then, all that is required is connecting to to access treatments from anywhere, on any device.


Our platform helps customers keep track of their treatment: listening history, self-reported "feeling" over time as well as a way to communicate directly with doctors to dynamically adjust the treatment.

Home page

Log in page

User page

User info

User page

Treatments to listen to

User page

Tracking of feeling

User page


User page

Communication with doctor


I have conceived, programmed and deployed:


One click to save a word and its definition from any website. Flashcards to help memorize those words.

Memorize more efficiently

The key to memory is practice. It is very hard to memorize a word or a definition on the very first try. This is where Memloc can help. It takes only one click to save an entry to the cloud from any website with our Chrome plugin. Then you can practice anytime, from the web or your smartphone, and memorize those words for good!


iOS photography app with image folder as a setting to help route pictures to the right place pre-capture.

Organizing your pictures made simpler

Photo libraries are often a mess: pictures are unclassified and only sorted by date. Therefore, we often get pictures of say work in the middle of memories with our family or friends. Switch address this issue by categorizing pictures before they are even taken. For example, click on the "Work" tab, and every picture will go on the "Work" folder. Of course, you can create and customize your own folders. Everything is built on top of the native photo app for an easy integration.


Platform to exchange cards for the Monopoly game organized by Safeway.

Exchanging game cards

Every year, Safeway and other grocery stores organize a Monopoly game: customers receive cards based on their purchases and can redeem prices if they complete the corresponding series. This website helps customers keep track of which card they have and facilitate exchanges.

Smart Box

Email assistant that extracts information of messages (adresses, dates, to-dos).

Quick actions from your e-mails

E-mails can be bucketize in three categories: important information, requested actions and noise. SmartBox leverages NLP and entity extraction to tag e-mails that are deemed important, as well as tag and provide a one click solution to possible actions you might want to take (create a to do - create a calendar event - etc...).


iOS app helping people implement healthy habits thanks to social interactions.

Healthy habits made social

We all want to be healthy and there are tons of apps to help us out there. But we don't feel very accountable when receiving notifications from those apps. We do however feel accountable when we receive messages from our friends. NotifyMe allows you to send friendly reminders to other people or broadcast a message to invite them to join a healthy activity. For example, by just pushing one button, you can send a "Going for a run, who wants to come?" to a group of friends.


Calendar with a clear view of the events and tasks of the day, without scrolling.

Your day in just one glance

A clear view of your day without scrolling. We use colors and emoticons to help you quickly visualize your activities, their type (work, sport, ..) and how long they last. It is also easy to figure out free time when you need to create a new event. You can highly personalize your calendar by creating your own categories, colors and emoticons.


Application measuring the energetic performance of a building and giving saving recommendations.

Reduce your energy consumption

By using SmartDiag, users can input parameters about their house (such as square feet, type of windows) and get in return energetic consumption as well as some recommendations to improve it. We also provide lot of information about energy uses in our houses as well as a forum to share "energy saving" tips.


I have done summer internships at the following companies:

Domaine de Montcy (Wine, Jam, Accommodation, Receptions and Seminars)

• Developed customer relations by accommodating all types of requests (wine sales, event hosting)
• Executed marketing strategy through commercial videos, print and online media

Saint Michel (French leader in the biscuit industry)
Industrial Engineering

• Analyzed the operational efficiency of the plant by working eight-hour shifts on the shop floor
• Offered solutions to reduce losses and improve workers’ overall wellness


Stanford University

Master of Science: Management Science and Engineering

GPA: 3.9/4.0

Concentration: Technology and Engineering Management

Coursework: Machine Learning, Deep Learning and NLP, HCI, Strategy, Marketing, Management and Finance for Entrepreneurs

    Fall 2014:
  • Machine Learning (CS229)
  • Strategy in Technology-based Companies (MS&E270)
  • How to Start a Startup (CS183B)
  • Decision Analysis I (MS&E252)
  • Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders' Seminar (MS&E 472)
  • Winter 2015:
  • Global Entrepreneurial Marketing (MS&E271)
  • Human-Computer Interaction Design Studio (CS247)
  • Public Speaking (ENGR103)
  • Spring 2015:
  • Simulation (MS&E 223)
  • Entrepreneurial Management and Finance (MS&E 276)
  • Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing (CS 224d)
  • Fall 2015:
  • Technology Venture Formation (MS&E 273)
  • Transformative Design (ENGR 231)
  • Computational Social Science (MS&E 231)

CS 229 Machine Learning Project: Automated Music Track Generation

September 2014 – December 2014

Team members: Louis Eugène, Guillaume Rostaing

We developped algorithms that automatically generate music to accompany an instrument. For example, given a guitar track, we were able to generate a drum track that fits well. It helps musicians create music and improvise in concert with other instruments.
How we did it:
• We generated our dataset from midi files of famous songs from a diversity of different registers.
• Based on our knowledge of music, we designed 16 features for our instruments that we later optimized using Machine Learning algorithms.
• Thanks to those features, we designed clusters for each instruments using algorithms such as k-means, mixture of Gaussian, DBSCAN, k-nn.
• Given a new input (say a guitar track), we would assign its closest cluster, look at the features of the other instruments in this cluster (say the drums) and generate a new track based on those features.

MS&E 271 Marketing Project: Grappibulle

January 2015 – March 2015

Team members: Louis Eugène, Alexis Weill, Mansi Kothari, Jocelyn Neff

Grappibulle is a high-end sparkeling grape beverage produced in France. The goal of this project was to introduce the product in the US market.
Grappibulle looks like Champaign but doesn't contain alcohol. Just like wine, it is possible to taste the different varieties of grapes. It is therefore a healthier alternative to wine.
What we did:
• We established our go to market strategy: target customers, partners, whole product analysis, and positioning, branding, pricing, and demand creation.
• We completed a customer analysis, competitor analysis, channel analysis as well as a reality test.

CS 247 HCI Project: NotifyMe

January 2015 – April 2015

See "Personal Projects": NotifyMe

CS 224d Deep Learning Project: SmartBox

January 2015 – April 2015

See "Personal Projects": SmartBox

MS&E 273 Technology Venture Formation Project

September 2015 – December 2015

Team members: Louis Eugène, Alexis Weill, Serhan Uslubas, Rahul Venkatraj

See "Personal Projects": SmartBox

MS&E 231 Computational Social Sciences Project

September 2015 – December 2015

Team members: Louis Eugène, Guillaume Rostaing, Cyprien de Lichy

Coming soon

Ecole Centrale Paris

‘Diplôme d’ingénieur’ (Master of Science degree)

GPA: 4.0/4.0 (Top 1% Class)

Concentration: Mathematics and Computer Science

Coursework: Probability, Statistics, Optimization, Algorithm and Programming, Computer Vision, Industrial Engineering

  • Real Analysis (MA1100)
  • Probability (MA1200)
  • Statistics (MA1300)
  • Heat Transfer (EN1100)
  • Information Systems (IS1110)
  • Algorithms and Programming (IS1210)
  • Mechanics (MG1100)
  • Corporate Accounting and Finance (SE1100)
  • Management (SE1200)
  • Workshops on Professional Development and Leadership (WL1100)
  • Challenges of the 21st Century: Team Project (P1V003AF)
  • Sports and Physical Education (SP1100)
  • Challenges of the 21st Century: Introduction (WP1100)
  • English (Debating) (LC1000)
  • Spanish (LC4000)
  • Applied Thermodynamics (EN1300)
  • Embedded Control Systems (IS2110)
  • Partial Differential Equations (MA1400)
  • Quantum and Statistical Physics (PH1100)
  • Biology (PR5100)
  • Industrial Engineering (SE2100)
  • Law (SE3100)
  • Philosophy of Sciences (SH1300)
  • Physics Laboratory (I061AEXB)
  • Cultural Awareness Activities (I061AOCB)
  • Digital and Collaborative Engineering (IS1410)
  • Seminar Series: individuals, labour, organisations (I061SHSA)
  • Economics (SE1400)
  • Project Management (SE2910)
  • Philosophical approach of strategy and innovation (WP5000)
  • Advanced programming (IS1220)
  • Fluid Mechanics (EN1200)
  • Digital Communications and Networks (IS1510)
  • Relativities (PH2600)
  • Science, Technology, Society (SH2600)
  • Business Games (SH2100)
  • Innovation Project (WP5100)
  • First Line Operator Internship (WP8100)
  • Stochastic Modeling and Theory of Queues and their Applications (SE2750)
  • Enterprise Modeling (SE1500)
  • Artificial Vision (MA2818)
  • Engineering Leadership on Projects (WL2100)
  • Introduction to Random Modelling (MA2814)
  • Seminar Series: International and Intercultural (SH4200)


September 2012 – July 2013

See "Personal Projects": SmartDiag


September 2013 – July 2014

See "Personal Projects": OneGlance

Representations : le detail et le tout

September 2012

Photo collection with exhibits. The photographs represent objects from everyday life taken in such a way that it is hard to guess what it is.
• Showcased artistic photographs and developed a website to present and sell them online
• Organized exhibits to showcase the photos in collaboration with public authorities in Cannes and other French cities

Teaching Experience

Lead studio sessions, taught technical workshops, designed and graded assignments midterms and finals, held office hours.

CS 147

Human Computer Interaction
Introduces fundamental methods and principles for designing, implementing, and evaluating user interfaces. Topics: user-centered design, rapid prototyping, experimentation, direct manipulation, cognitive principles, visual design, social software, software tools. Learn by doing: work with a team on a quarter-long design project, supported by lectures, readings, and studios

MS&E 282

Transformational Leadership
The personal, team-based and organizational skills needed to become a transformative leader. Case method discussions and lectures. Themes include: personal transformation; the inside-out effect, group transformation; cross-functional teams; re-engineering; rapid - non-profit and for profit - organizational transformation; and social transformation. Course includes a group project that is defined and approved during the first two weeks of class.

MS&E 268

Operational Strategy
The development and implementation of the operations functional strategy. The integration of operations strategy with business and corporate strategies of a manufacturing-based firm. Topics: types and characteristics of manufacturing technologies, quality management, capacity planning and facilities choice, organization and control of operations, and operations' role in corporate strategy.

CS 228

Probabilistic Graphical Models
Probabilistic graphical modeling languages for representing complex domains, algorithms for reasoning using these representations, and learning these representations from data. Topics include: Bayesian and Markov networks, extensions to temporal modeling such as hidden Markov models and dynamic Bayesian networks, exact and approximate probabilistic inference algorithms, and methods for learning models from data. Also included are sample applications to various domains including speech recognition, biological modeling and discovery, medical diagnosis, message encoding, vision, and robot motion planning.

IS 1110

Information Systems
The IT course is designed to train future engineers to understand and master the tools they will encounter in their career. The course has the following objectives: ✧ to enable students to understand the mecanisms of computers and networks in order to take full advantage of their potential ✧ to provide the basic skills and metholodgy to understand and design the architecture of company information systems ✧ to provide an overview of some advanced features of IT and IT careers


The skills listed below are a mix of projects I have worked on (work, startups or development on my free time) as well as classes I have taken.


Problem solving
Project management


React.js (Redux, MobX, Fabric, Material)
React native
Python Theano, NLTK, Numpy, Scipy, Flask
Swift, Objective C
C#, Java



Software and services

Azure - Firebase
AWS - Git - Heroku
VSCode - XCode - Eclipse
Office 365
Adobe XD - Sketch 3 - InVision
Matlab - Maple
Logic Pro
Premiere Pro - Photoshop - Lightroom


Here is an overview of what I do besides work

Countries visited! I love to travel, discover new people, cultures and places!
Musics composed! I play guitar, bass, piano, drums and I sing.
Gigabytes of pictures / videos taken! I love photography! I have done several exhibits.
Minutes for a 5k! I like trail-running, hiking, moutain biking, skiing (and backcountry skiing), mountaineering and climbing.

Get in Touch

You will find my contact information below

Contact Info

Louis Eugene
Capitol Hill
Seattle, WA 98112
P: (650) 864-2198